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Best Dental Cleaning in New York City

By removing the plaque, calculus, and stain, the gums become healthier (less inflamed because of the irritation of the plaque and calculus) and therefore will bleed less and become less tender.

By controlling the inflammation of the gums, we also prevent bone disease (periodontal disease) because the chronic inflammation of the gums and the presence of calculus lead to inflammation and loss of the bone.

Here at Making You Smile Cosmetic Dental Studio we pride ourselves on our excellent team and patient care. It's why our patients say we provide the 'Best dental cleaning I have ever had.' Contact our office to schedule your routine dental cleaning today. And if you are a new patient to Making You Smile ask about our comprehensive new patient dental experience for a full report about your oral health. We are also happy to accept a number of PPO dental plans such as CignaMetLifeUnitedHealthcare, and many more, to help offset the cost of your dental work.

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Depending on the health of your teeth and gums, we recommend one of these two types of dental cleanings:

1) Dental Prophylaxis

A professional dental cleaning, also called prophylaxis, removes these three things from your teeth:

  • Plaque, which is the soft whitish layer that accumulates on your teeth regardless of what you eat.
  • Calculus, also known as tartar, which is plaque that has calcified by absorbing minerals from your saliva.
  • External stains from coffee, teas, and other foods.

2) Deep Cleanings: Scaling and Root Planing

Deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, is performed when there is a substantial accumulation of calculus under the gums causing severe inflammation of the gums and bone loss (periodontal disease).

The aim of the deep cleaning is to remove all the calculus deposits from the teeth and smoothen the teeth to make it easier to brush and floss and harder for the plaque to stick.

Is a Professional Dental Cleaning Right for You?

Yes, professional dental cleaning in Midtown Manhattan is right for you! We recommend it at least twice a year. Yes, you do a good job at home, twice a day, 365 days of the year, but there are still places that you cannot reach.

This, of course, is where the cavities form. You want and deserve that beautiful, ultimate smile. By having a cleaning at least twice a year, you will maintain your luxurious smile for years to come.

Dental cleaning benefits include:

  • Well-maintained teeth and a beautiful smile.
  • The better care you take of your teeth, the longer they will last, and the happier you will be.
  • You will be comfortable and relaxed in your social and professional life.

Benefits of a Professional Dental Cleaning

Read What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

"The office staff are friendly, efficient, and accommodating. Dr. Jalbout has provided excellent care every time, and my most recent hygienist, Alma, was super knowledgeable and invested in answering my questions, and was a teeth cleaning virtuoso. Highly recommend!"

Rating 5/5
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"Short, if any, wait times; fantastic and efficient office support staff; wonderful bedside manner; I've really never had any sort of complaint whatsoever. I've recommended him to four friends, who have each also referred friends."

- Katherine R.

"From the moment I made the appointment I felt taken care of."

- Marc S.

"Going to the Dentist isn't something I enjoy at all. After a 2 year hiatus, due to the pandemic, I was in need of some serious teeth therapy. I was recommended (by a coworker) to Dr. Jalbout and his team. What a great experience. I was at ease, comfortable, welcomed, and nurtured from the very beginning. My anxiety level went from a 10 to a 2. Thank you to an outstanding staff! I have found a new home for my future dental needs."

- Kevin McDaniel

"Dr. Jalbout and his team are excellent. I’ve never been more comfortable with a dental team; I’ve almost fallen asleep in the chair during big procedures. They are efficient, attentive, and caring, and Dr. J works with a precision that I've never witnessed. I’ve moved further and further away from Dr. Jalbout’s office over time and still commute to the city to see him. He’s that good."

- Roland Tiangco

"The best dental experience I have had by far. I always get excited for my appointments at Making You Smile. I leave every appointment more confident about my smile. The administrative and dental team are both very professional and friendly. The space is clean and tidy and employees have high tech PPE. The quality of dental service I have received has been really great. I think Ziad Jalbout is an amazing doctor, I appreciate that he made sure I understood everything before starting, and that made me feel more comfortable. lastly the quality of dental work is superb. I recommend you come here for all your dental needs."

- A. V.
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