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Our Products Are Made in the USA

In case you weren’t aware, there is a growing concern over the amount of outsourcing that is taking place in the cosmetic dental world. As much as 40% of the U.S. market for dental restorations are being outsourced to places like China and Mexico. This issue has been published in Bloomberg, Dental Economics and several other important publications.

Why Is Outsourcing a Problem?

There are several issues with using foreign products for your teeth. Mainly, lower quality and the fact that the dental practices who use a foreign lab just don’t have the ability to have proper communication with the technician who is responsible for the creation of their products.

What Are We Doing About This?

We make every effort to ensure the highest quality of work and quality of material possible. To that end, Making You Smile sources all of our porcelain and laboratory work to a local boutique lab in Manhattan. By using a local boutique lab in Manhattan which is only a few blocks from the office we can ensure quality of materials, direct communication with the lab technician with no intermediaries, and the use of genuine implant parts. This allows us to achieve a customized higher aesthetic work, timely service, and long term success of your restorations.

We Use U.S. Made Implants

We use US made implants, implant parts and bone graft materials. We also use our bone graft material sterile single use package per patient so you can rest assured that the highest standards of sterility and care are maintained at all times.

Local Boutique Lab Interviews

On a regular basis we will interview our technician at our local lab. Here is our most recent interview:

As a local lab servicing patients in Manhattan how do you feel you are providing a superior service compared to a national or international lab?

As a local Lab we are constantly in contact personally with our doctors. A better turnaround time of the work and in some cases same day service, which you can’t do by using carrier when the work is going to California or even China. Our dentists are welcome to send their patients for tooth shade match in the Lab, where we discuss direct with the patients’ wishes and taking photos for recollection when we start building up the porcelain.

When it comes to quality of work how does your lab distinguish itself from the competition?

When it comes to quality, I graduated after 3 ½ years from dental school for dental technician in Munich Germany. I am since 1978 (39 years) in the field of dental technology and familiar with all dental laboratory work. For nearly 20 years I am a faculty member at the Implant Department of NYU where we involved in the newest implant technologies.

When purchasing implants parts and materials for fabrications of crowns on teeth and implants, how do you insure quality of the products?

We use materials, which all are certified in the U.S from suppliers in the US. You can be assured that all the alloy for bridge and crowns are FDA approved where you don’t have to be worry about composition of the alloys of harming materials. We use original brand-named implant parts on implant restorations and all implant and crown CAD/CAM restorations are designed in the laboratory and produced in high sophisticated milling centers in the US and Canada.

How does the quality of the product and workmanship affect the patient life?

In Conclusion, our patients can be certain that they will have the best quality of work and material and our doors are always open for any technical related question or help.
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