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Is it safe to go to the dentist during the pandemic?

We’ve worked hard to make our office and procedures the safest they possibly can be given the risks and what we know about transmission of COVID-19.  We’re the first dental office to use MAXAIR® CAPR® Powered Air Purifying Respirators, we’ve completely changed our office flow to reduce contact points and contamination opportunities, and we’ve installed Air Filtration standalone suction machines with eHEPA technology superior to the HEPA gold standard filtration standard set by OSHA in all treatment rooms and in the waiting room.  It’s important that you keep your cleanings and dental work on schedule – we’ve tried to reduce the risk – but it is still there.

What about paperwork and payment – will I have to sign documents, etc?

We have revamped our entire patient check-in and check out process to be 100% contactless.  Credit card readers have been upgraded to no-contact units, all paperwork and documents can be found or filled out via your smartphone so there’s no need to handle paper or pens within our office.

What if I forget my mask?

While we hope that you’re wearing your mask everywhere, especially if you cannot maintain social distancing, if you forget yours we might have disposable masks our clients can pick up as they come in the door but supplies are limited so be sure to tuck yours into your bag before you head our way.

Do you do temperature pre-screening before I come inside?

After you enter the office we will give you an eye shield to wear over your face, we will check your temperature with a contactless thermometer, and we will check your blood oxygen with an oximeter.

What if I just don’t feel safe but am having a dental issue that I think needs to be seen?

We are still offering virtual consultation visits to our patients if they are ill or immunocompromised and feel unsafe coming into public to the dentist.  Call our office to find out your options and talk with our team to help you find treatment.

What are your cleaning & sanitizing procedures between patients

After each patient leaves disposable PPE is removed and disposed of as per guidelines.  The treatment rooms and surfaces are all disinfected and every technician washes and sanitizes themselves and our equipment thoroughly.

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