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Press Release: First dental office to use MAXAIR® CAPR® Powered Air Purifying Respirators

The MAXAIR® CAPR’s® wide-angle-lens and lightweight, quality construction is a perfect fit for dental care settings:

  • The MAXAIR® CAPR® powered air purifying respirator is HE certified by NIOSH providing ideal protection against COVID-19.
  • Dental healthcare professionals are exposed to aerosolized particulates more than any other medical professional because of the immense amount of time spent in close contact with patients.
  • Dental healthcare professionals see patients continuously for long shifts necessitating their personal protective equipment (PPE) remain comfortable and effective for the duration of their shift. While it may be reasonable to wear an N95 masks for limited intervals in a medical setting (if properly fit tested), dental professionals are expected to don their PPE for their entire workday.

About Making You Smile NYC Cosmetic Dental Studio

Making You Smile is dedicated to delivering the highest level of dental care and oral health that empower individuals to achieve healthy and beautiful smiles.

Dr. Ziad Jalbout has been practicing dentistry since 1998. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from New York University College of Dentistry (NYUCD), where he also completed his studies on Implant Dentistry. As Clinical Associate Professor, he taught in the Implant Division, the Comprehensive Dentistry Program and the Aesthetics Program at New York University College of Dentistry from 2004 to 2019.

Dr. Jalbout is a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is the co-author of The Glossary of Implant Dentistry and the author of numerous articles on the subjects of aesthetics and implant dentistry. Dr. Jalbout lectures nationally and internationally.

About MAXAIR Systems

MAXAIR Systems is a recognized leader in providing powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs) for various environments such as healthcare, dental, emergency response, and industrial.

For nearly 15 years, MAXAIR Systems has been providing creative solutions to meet the needs wherever personal respiratory and contact concerns demand the highest quality of safety and comfort to the user.

CAPR, MAXAIR’s latest PAPR Series, is setting higher standards for personal protective equipment. MAXAIR is redefining safety, comfort, and cost effectiveness where airborne contaminants and contact are a threat.


We are open and seeing new patients during the recent Omicron surge. We use state-of-the-art PPE and safety equipment. Learn more

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