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Our Response to COVID-19

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Our goal, commitment and passion is to make you smile. We are committed to offering you the highest standard of care, in the safest and most pleasant environment. This means offering you peace of mind for the safety of our office for Covid-19.

At Making You Smile we spent the past couple of months researching every equipment, every machine, and every technique and carefully analyzed the safety, efficacy, and protection levels they confer. After such intense research and analysis, we are very happy to let you know that:

  • We are the first and only dental facility worldwide to acquire the MaxAir personal protective equipment, a powered air-purifying respirator, PAPR, system, which is 100 times safer than N95 masks as per OSHA. This PPE system is the safest equipment available worldwide and is being used in such environments as bio-labs and nuclear facilities.
  • We are among the few dental facilities in New York City to acquire powerful Air Filtration suction machines with eHEPA, a patented technology to collect and deactivate airborne particles and viruses including Covid-19.
  • We have upgraded the filters of the air-conditioning system in the office to the highest safety levels.

In addition to state of the art equipment, we have also implemented the following:

  1. Everything digital
    • We have eliminated all patient-facing paperwork and implemented software that enables you to fill in all required forms such as the consent form on your phone. It is easy to use, safe, and convenient. After filling in the forms, you receive a copy of the forms you filled in by email.
    • We uploaded all the forms and patient instructions we used to give you at the office to our website for your reference
    • We upgraded our credit card machines so you can transact in a contactless manner.
  2. New procedures
    • Pre-treatment mouth rinsing
    • Reduced countertop items to improve infection control and facilitate cleaning procedures
    • New barrier covers everywhere
    • Frequent disinfecting of common areas
    • Upgraded disinfecting products and procedures for the treatment rooms
  3. Pre-appointment screening questions 
    • We’ll send you a text message to answer a few questions about COVID-19 on your phone. We’ll screen everyone including our crew members.
    • We’ll also call you to answer any of your questions and to remind you to bring a face cover with you.
    • Finally, remember to arrive just on time for your appointment as we’ll be running on time.
  4. Reducing in-office time with pre-appointment phone calls
    • To update your information such as an address, email, phone number, insurance information, etc.
    • To answer any questions about balance, treatment plans, insurance coverage, etc.
    • To make payments, co-pays, etc.
    • If needed a Zoom meeting can be arranged to screen share and to better explain to you what you need to know.
  5. Smart scheduling – To reduce the number of trips you have to make to the office, we are implementing the following:
    • Longer appointment times: We’ll have more work done in one longer session, instead of multiple shorter sessions.
    • Combining appointments: We’ll try to combine your cleaning appointments with any dental treatment that you need.
    • We’ll offer a follow-up appointment after surgery on Zoom or Facetime
    • Oxygen check

      6. At the office

    • Face covers need to be fully covering the nose and mouth
    • Eyeshields are worn by everyone at all times
    • Use of hand sanitizer as soon as you arrive in the office
    • Temperature check
    • Oxygen check
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