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Care for Clear Aligners, Clear Retainers, and Occlusal Guards

In the morning:

  •  Remove aligner/guard in the morning and brush with soap and water. Do Not use toothpaste.
  • Place retainer/guard in storage box
  • Brush teeth as usual and use mouth wash with fluoride. DO NOT rinse with water after using the mouth wash.
  • If using an active aligner, re-insert aligner over the teeth

Before bed:

  • Floss and brush teeth as usual
  • Rinse retainer/guard and insert over teeth OR brush aligner with soap and water and re-insert aligner over the teeth.

Once a week or as necessary use an aligner/retainers cleaner product (follow instructions on the box).



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We are open and seeing new patients during the recent Omicron surge. We use state-of-the-art PPE and safety equipment. Learn more

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