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Cigna® Dental
Insurance Overview:

If you want a nationally-recognized and financially stable insurance provider, Cigna dental insurance is likely a good option for you. Cigna dental insurance is only a small part of the greater Cigna health and life insurance company, which has a global span. Domestically, they’re known for providing dental insurance plans that are highly-reliable and provide well-rounded coverage. Like many of our other providers, Aetna offers plans and packages to suit individuals, families, and employers. While we don’t carry as many plans as some of our other providers, we do carry a nice variety that tend to suit New York City patients near us and their needs.

Generally speaking, Cigna dental plans provide coverage for preventative care, basic services, and major services. Actually, Cigna is one of the providers who offer a competitive percentage of the costs on major services, which can be quite important for some patients. What’s nice about Cigna dental is that most of their plans are affordable, but they do have one of the smaller networks. While their network is smaller, thankfully, we’re one of the New York City dental practices that accepts them. Since there are a fair amount of intricacies to Cigna’s dental insurance plans, we’re here to help you understand your specific plan and encourage you to contact us today if you have more questions.

We Accept The Following Plans From


Choice PlusCigna Dental PPO: Advantage Dentists
Cigna Dental EPO: Radius NetworkCigna Dental PPO: Radius Network
Cigna Dental PPOCIGNA Traditional (Dental Indemnity)
Cigna Dental PPO (Core Network)
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