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The Aligner Oath

I promise & swear that I will wear my aligners all the time, during the day and night, during family events and business meetings, during the week, weekends and on vacation; for at least a total of 22 hours per day; and that I will not remove my aligners except when I eat, drink, floss or brush my teeth.

Furthermore, I promise & swear that while wearing my aligners I will only drink clear plain water, that I will never drink any hot beverages, such as hot coffee and tea, because hot beverages ruin the aligners. Also I promise that if I drink a cold beverage other than water, such as iced coffee, iced tea, or soda, I will remove the aligners immediately after finishing my beverage and rinse my mouth and aligners with water, so that the beverage does not soak my teeth and cause cavities to form. I am informed that the aligners may become more visible to others if I drink colored beverages while wearing my aligners.

Furthermore, I promise & swear that I will wear one aligner at a time by inserting the aligner in my mouth and placing it on my teeth with my fingers. Also I promise not to bite my aligners into position as this may damage them. I also promise to use the Chewies after inserting my aligners to make sure my aligners fully engage with my teeth.

Furthermore, I promise & swear to place my aligners in the box immediately after I remove them so they don’t get lost or damaged. I am also informed that if I lose my aligner I should call Making You Smile immediately for replacement aligners and instructions on what to do in the meantime. I am also informed that losing my aligners will result in a penalty of 15 push-ups or 30 minutes cardio exercise that I will record and send to Making You Smile to post on YouTube as a testimony of my negligence.

Furthermore, I promise & swear to save the old set of aligners which immediately precedes my current aligners in the red box.

Furthermore, I promise & swear to brush my aligners at least twice daily and prior to each insertion if possible using a soft bristle toothbrush with water and a small amount of toothpaste. I also promise not to use denture cleaners or mouthwash to soak my aligners.

Furthermore, I promise & swear to read all pages of instructions given to me for the proper care of my teeth and aligners.

To all of which, I sincerely promise & swear without any hesitation not to violate this, my solemn oath of my Aligner treatment so I can achieve the beautiful smile I want.


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