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Dental Examinations

Well-maintained teeth and a beautiful smile make a lasting first impression. It all starts with a dental examination and a dental cleaning. Whatever the state of your teeth, there is no better time to start than now.

At Making You Smile Cosmetic Dental Clinic, we want to be your dentist! And it all starts with a dental exam. Dr. Jalbout’s examinations are thorough and exhaustive, covering teeth, gums and oral screenings for cancer.

Tooth Decay and Cavities

These are areas of the teeth that have lost calcification, which is the loss of hard tooth structure because of bacterial attack. The color of the tooth has changed, and when further examined with x-rays, the doctor can identify the severity of the cavities. With this knowledge of your teeth, he can propose measures to restore the lost tooth structure.

Gingivitis and Recession

Inflammation of the gums manifests itself with bleeding gums. Gum recessions are areas where the gums have pulled away from the teeth. This can be very painful, and leave your exposed teeth more prone to cavities. A gum exam will allow us to identify the cause of the problem and propose a treatment to restore healthy, pinkish, non-bleeding gums.

Periodontitis (Supporting Bones)

The teeth are supported in your jawbones by the gums and the underlying bone. For keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime, the bone structure needs to stay healthy. A periodontal exam with the aid of dental x-rays will allow us to assess the condition of the supporting bone so we can detect a problem early on and propose measures to restore and maintain health.

Oral Exam

During the exam, we will look around your mouth to check for any suspicious change in the tissues of your cheeks, lips, tongue, roof of your mouth, and below your tongue. We will investigate any change to rule out any disease or a possible cancerous change.

Is a Dental Examination Right for You?

Yes, a dental examination is right for you! Don’t wait until you are in pain to come to the dentist. A tooth or its root might be damaged and you would not necessarily know it until you are in pain. By then, you have missed the time frame where it could have been prevented. What might have been a very tiny procedure could develop into a large procedure. We recommend, and insurance generally covers, two visits per year for preventative treatment. Take advantage of this and save your smile.

What are the Benefits of a Dental Examination?

  • A healthy and luxurious smile.
  • You save money and time by taking the time to make short visits to the dentist to practice preventative dentistry.
  • Sweeter smelling breathe, a whiter smile and healthy teeth.
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