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Sedation Dentistry: The Most Relaxing Dental Experience You Will Never Remember

We can make your experience at our office as easy as falling asleep.  We can also guarantee that you will not remember anything. Sedation dentistry is your best option for pain-free dental work. We can get a lot of your dental work done, and reduce the number of future visits while you snooze.

We offer sedation dentistry in our office delivered by a highly-trained and state-licensed full-time anesthesiologist. Imagine a seamless experience of receiving the care you need without the hassle or worry.

Is sedation dentistry for you?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, sedation dentistry is for you:

  • Does your body tense up at the thought of going to the dentist?
  • Do you try to handle aching teeth rather than visit your dentist?
  • Would you rather sleep than go through several hours and multiple appointments for dental work?
  • Do you prefer to avoid the drilling noise and dread having surgery while awake?

Sedation dentistry can be used for any treatment and will help you avoid the fear and the anxiety.

We recommend sedation dentistry to all of our patients. In particular, sedation dentistry is beneficial for:

  • Surgical procedures
  • Anxious patients

Sedation dentistry uses of medication to help you relax and not remember your dental appointment. To learn how it works: http://www.advancedsedation.com/patient-information/sedation-for-dentistry-faqs/adult-patients/

Find out more about our anesthesiologist, Dr. Mendia:  http://www.advancedsedation.com/meet-the-doctors-3/

At Making You Smile NYC, we provide you with services that will make your dental experience the least stressful and most beneficial to you and your oral health.

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