What Does Oral Health Mean To You?

Oral Health: Part I

What does oral health mean for you?  The mouth can tell us a lot. It is a reflection of our overall health, whether we are sick or healthy. Our mouths act as both an entry point and defense force against diseases. Many medical conditions manifest themselves in the mouth. Some health conditions can worsen our existing

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Sugar-Free Drinks Destroy Tooth Enamel Cause Tooth Decay via Dental Erosion

Do Sugar-Free Drinks Cause Tooth Decay?

Many people opt for sugar-free drinks in order to spare their teeth from tooth decay and damage. However, a new study by researchers from Melbourne University found that sugar-free drinks are equally harmful to teeth. Of the 23 “sugar-free” drinks tested, most softened dental enamel by 30 to 50 per cent. Sugar free candies and sport drinks

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