Your Overall Health Linked to Your Oral Health

Did you know that a poor oral health has a negative effect on the entire body?  When you have dental conditions such as gum disease, cavities or dental restorations that are failing, the chances of developing or worsening existing systematic illnesses double. The same bacteria that cause dental plaque can travel into the bloodstream and trigger

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Prevent Cavities by Effective Caries Risk Management

Caries Management by Risk Assessment: Part IV: What is your bacterial load?

In previous blogs, we discussed how cavities form when bacteria in our mouths convert carbohydrates from our diet into corrosive acids. Bacteria + Carbohydrates from diet and snacking = acids which melt the teeth and cause cavities It makes sense to address the bacteria in our mouths if we want to develop a plan to reduce future cavities. There

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Nutrition Affects Oral Health & Helps Prevent Halitosis

Poor Nutrition and Bad Breath

Let us begin by defining nutrition as the process by which living beings use food to get nutrients for energy, growth, development, and maintenance of the body cells. Bad breath or halitosis is an unpleasant odor caused by waste from bacteria inside your mouth, decaying food, other debris and poor oral hygiene. It is very common

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Making You Smile Cosmetic Dental Studio Entrance on E 36th St

Sugar-Free Drinks Destroy Tooth Enamel And Cause Dental Erosion, Study Finds

Many people opt for sugar-free drinks in order to spare their teeth from decay and damage. However, a new study by researchers from Melbourne University found that sugar-free drinks are equally as harmful to teeth. The researchers, led by professor Eric Reynolds from the Oral Health Cooperative Research Center, investigated how 23 sugar-free drinks affected oral health

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Oral Care Cross Training For Healthier Teeth

Cross-training is all the rage in the fitness world. It makes sense for a healthy, toned body. It also makes sense when it comes to healthy teeth and gums. Start a Routine For Better Oral Care It is important to disrupt or remove the sticky bacterial film which forms on our teeth on a daily

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Our Comprehensive Dental Exam - We Check Every Aspect of Your Oral Health

What are the components of a comprehensive dental exam?

Over the past decades, we have gotten accustomed to a standard one-hour visit to the dentist. X-rays are taken, an exam is done by the dentist and teeth are cleaned by the hygienist. A routine dental visit may be appropriate for established patients, but today, a full dental exam consists of a lot more. Has the

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Oral Health: Part III Disease affecting the gum and bones surrounding the teeth

Gum disease: (aka: gingivitis and periodontitis) Gum disease is the most under-diagnosed disease affecting the teeth. The primary reasons is that like high blood pressure, often there are no symptoms. Gum disease can still be present when pain isn’t. Some of the subtle symptoms of gum disease include bleeding gums when brushing and flossing, loose

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Oral Health: Part II Disease Affecting The Teeth - Cavities

Update on your brushing habits!

Many of our patients buy expensive over-the-counter fluoride mouthwash. We applaud them for their healthy habits, but we have a tip that will leave their wallet and teeth feeling happy! Changing up the brushing routine Most of us brush our teeth and rinse our mouths out with water, but what if we left the faucets off?

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What Does Oral Health Mean To You?

Oral Health: Part I

What does oral health mean for you?  The mouth can tell us a lot. It is a reflection of our overall health, whether we are sick or healthy. Our mouths act as both an entry point and defense force against diseases. Many medical conditions manifest themselves in the mouth. Some health conditions can worsen our existing

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