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Stop Bad Breath: Brush Your Tongue!

We are always surprised by patients who don't brush their tongue.  When asked why, they simply say “I didn’t know I had to”.

What Causes Bad Breath & Bad Taste?

The tongue is home to a lot of bacteria that grow and cause bad breath as well as a bad taste in your mouth. This is due to the fact that your internal body is at 98.7 degrees, the ideal temperature for bacteria growth.  The bad taste occurs when taste buds on the tongue get covered in bacteria. If the bacteria aren't removed, it can alter the perception of taste of food.

Bacteria Hide in Your Tongue

Some people have deep fissures or grooves on their tongue which make it easy for bacteria to hide and thrive. These people really need to clean their tongue properly. They can do this by opening the tongue with their fingers and brushing from the back of the tongue forward.

Your tongue can be cleaned with your toothbrush, or with a variety of tongue brushes or tongue scrapers that are sold wherever oral hygiene products are available.

Remember that a clean tongue and mouth equals fresh breath and makes food taste better.  A clean and healthy mouth is the gateway to a healthy and happy body.

Do you have questions about improving your oral health? Please do not hesitate to contact us or book an appoinment on ZocDoc.

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