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Single Implant: What are the steps needed to have a single dental implant?

What steps are needed to have a single tooth implanted?

If you did not have the tooth removed yet, the following are the usual steps:


Appointment 1: Diagnosis and treatment option presentation

Appointment time 1 hour; actual work time 10 minutes

At this appointment, we evaluate your particular tooth that needs to be replaced, take x-rays, and make a plan with you. We discuss the options, time frame, and expectations. We answer your questions and concerns, and present you with the cost and financing options.


Appointment 2: Tooth Extraction and bone graft placement:

Appointment time 1 hour; actual work time 30 minutes, + two 10 minutes follow ups

We remove the tooth very gently, ensuring minimal injury to the gums and bone. The technical name for this is  an atraumatic extraction for implants. This usually takes a little more time compared to the old method of grabbing the tooth and pulling on it. The tooth is often cut in pieces to avoid disturbing the precious bone and gums around the tooth.

The bone graft is placed in the option spot to ensure the body healths with maximum volume of bone and gums to prepare for the implant placement.

Healing time: 4-6 months


Appointment 3: Implant Placement:

Appointment time 1 hour; actual work time 30 minutes, + one 10 minutes follow ups

We place your implants and verify with x-rays that everything is optimal.

Healing time: 6-8weeks


Appointment 4: Impressions

Appointment time 40 minutes; actual work time 30 minutes.

We take a mould of the position of the implant in your mouth so we can have the laboratory fabricate the custom abutment and tooth.

Laboratory time: 3 weeks


Appointment 5: Custom abutment and tooth delivery:

Appointment time 40 minutes; actual work time 30 minutes.

All in all: Five appointments and actual work time of about 2 hours.


Every mouth is different so it's possible to have some variation in the time lengths for this procedure. The length of time can depend on whether the tooth was already remove, and the available volume of remaining bone and gums. Also it is sometimes possible to combine steps when the clinical conditions permit thus speeding up the process further, for example, a same day implant or immediate implant.


A one-on-one discussion with your dentist is the best was to iron out the details and gain a complete understanding.  Please contact us for a consultation and we will provide you with the details for an informed decision based on you actual condition.

At Making You Smile, we are committed to providing you with  transparent, complete and comprehensive options and time frames before starting any treatment. Call us at 646 484 0197 for a consultation.




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