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Single Dental Implant: how much does it cost?

When considering the cost of a dental implant it is important to understand the different elements of a single implant.

The replacement of a missing tooth with an implant consists of three items:

  1. The implant itself: This the equivalent of the root of the tooth which goes inside your gums. This is the part that you don't see and that supports the tooth replacement. In the transparent model below you can see an implant and the tooth roots.
  2.    The tooth replacement: This is the tooth part that you see when you smile.
  3. The connecting part: This is what makes the tooth replacement connect to the implant. In the picture below it is the silver part protruding from the gum.The final assembly will look like this: 

Pricing out the parts:

When considering the cost of a dental implant, all the items above need to be considered.  When you are quoted a price for a dental implant, ask if the connecting part and the tooth are included.

Make sure that the connecting part is custom made and not generic.  Generic connecting parts contribute to cement entrapment and are the leading cause of implant failure.

Finally, consider the longevity of the dental implant compared to the fixed bridge option. See our other blogs on single implants for a complete understanding of how long a dental implant lasts what the costs are for future replacements.

From a financial perspective, the upfront cost of an implant is about 20 to 40 per cent more than a permanent bridge. However, once you factor the need to replace the fixed bridge over the years, then the single implant becomes the more cost-efficient option. The break-even point is about 7 years when the implant becomes the more cost effective choice as you can see in the below diagram.

Dental insurance coverage depends to a great extent on the rules and exceptions set in the contract between the insurance company and your employer. A comparative financial option is easily obtained once the insurance information is provided.

A one-on-one discussion with your dentist is the best was to iron out the details and gain a complete understanding.  Please contact us for a consultation. We will provide you with the details for an informed decision based on you actual condition.

At Making You Smile we are committed to providing you with transparent, complete and comprehensive options. We will also happily go over any cost estimates before starting any treatment. Call us at 646 484 0197 for a consultation.


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