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Single implant: how long does it last?

The single implant is the most common dental implant treatment to replace one tooth. There are few instances when you will need a single implant. The loss of one isolated tooth is the most common.

This typically happens when:

  • a cavity cannot be repaired
  • a root canal went bad or,
  • a fractured tooth cannot be saved.

Your dentist will, most probably, give you two options: a single dental implant or a permanent fixed bridge. Unless you are missing additional teeth, these are the two options available to you.

Let's evaluate: first off, how long does each option last?

A single dental implant's has a life span of several decades.  Scientific studies have found that 89.5% of single implant will still function after 20 years. Not every implant will last that long, however.  We can safely say that 85% of all single implants will be functioning in 30 years after placement. That is a very high number for a replacement of a body part.

Fixed bridges don't last that long. 87% of all fixed bridges will remain functional after 10 years. That number drops to 69% after 15 years.

Compare that to 80% of cemented hip replacement functioning in 20 years and 80 to 85% of knee replacement functioning in 20 years.

From a time frame perspective the single dental implant beats all other dental and medical replacement procedures by a long shot.

Check out our other blogs on single implants for additional comparative considerations.

The best way to iron out the details and gain a complete understanding is to have a one-on-one discussion with your dentist. Please contact us for a consultation and we will provide you with the details for an informed decision based on you actual condition.

At Making You Smile we are committed to providing you transparent, complete and comprehensive options and costs before starting any treatment. Call us at 646 484 0197 for a consultation.


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