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Single implant: Does it hurt to have a single implant?

Does it hurt to have a single tooth implanted?

The short answer is, of course, NO.

The long answer is also NO.

It may hurt to think that you are going to lose a tooth, and there is no doubt that the experience of losing a tooth can be disheartening. That being said, the physical pain from the procedure is completely bearable and manageable.

Most patients are able to go to work and function normally the day after the procedure, albeit with some limitations. These limitations include important functions such as giving a presentation in front of a large group, meeting new clients, or being in front of your CEO. The night of, most patients report mild discomfort with very little pain. We have had many patients go straight to work the afternoon after their procedure and perform their desk job or email work without any problems.

We encourage our patients to take it easy for the rest of the day, eat ice cream, and do work from home, if desired.  They usually don’t listen to us, and we find out later that they went shopping, they drove somewhere for 4 hours to meet someone, or they engaged in planned activities with friends and family.

How is this possible?

The reason they can do that is because we start suppressing any pain before the procedure is done. Pain killers and antibiotics are given prior to the procedure. Good numbing is done during the procedure and post-operative pain control is carefully prescribed and managed.  This ensures that the treatment, at all stages, fits within the confines of daily life with minimal interruption. You will surely notice that something was done in your mouth but the pain will remain minimal.

A one-on-one discussion with your dentist is the best way to iron out the details and gain a complete understanding.  Please contact us for a consultation and we ensure you get the information and details needed to make an informed decision based on your specific condition.

At Making You Smile we are committed to providing you a pain-free experience. Call us at 646 484 0197 for a consultation.



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