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At-Home Aligners

Over the past years, we have treated many At-Home teeth aligner patients who are unhappy with the teeth straightening treatment or results they receive through various means, especially through direct aligners ordered online. We were able to help the vast majority of our patients correct their smiles and achieve a beautiful grin as an outcome.

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Are you unhappy with the results after using at-home teeth aligners straightening kit?

At-home aligner kits may be appealing in cost and convenience, but the downside is a lack of exam prior to fitting the molds and having someone not trained take those molds. You could be a poor candidate for aligners for a variety of reasons – ceramic braces might be better for your bite or jaw shape.  The type of braces you need for straightening aren’t just decided upon because of teeth – bit and jaw position/shape should also be taken into account.

Invisible Aligners – Before & After

Issues with Using at Home Teeth Aligners

Although over-the-counter aligners can be convenient and less expensive than professional teeth straightening, they often come with their own set of problems.

Many times, a dentist that has been trained in fitting Invisalign and other teeth aligner systems can look at your teeth and give you a few reasons why aligners like an at-home kit, or Invisalign might not be your best option. If you choose to use a direct-club type at-home aligner – there’s no examination prior to fitting, so an issue like decay or malformation in your mouth/jaw may be missed. Many times, an at-home kit ends up costing our patients more in the long run, because they have to pay for consequences or fixes of poor fit or results.

If you’ve tried at-home teeth straightening and are unhappy with the results or if they’ve created issues with your teeth, call us for a consultation. We can correct any issues the DIY aligners have caused.

Over-the-Counter At-Home Teeth Aligners Consultation in NYC

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may want to consider a consultation so we can share with you how we can improve the result you already got with your previous teeth straightening and give you straight teeth and a beautiful smile:

  • Did your teeth shift since you finished your aligners or braces?
  • Are you not satisfied with your aligner’s outcome?
  • Do you feel you want a little more improvement in your teeth alignment and the aligners you got are not fixing the problem?
  • Do you feel the aligners you received are not working for you?
  • Do you feel your teeth cannot meet since you got your aligners?
  • Are your gums bleeding when you wear your aligners?
  • Are your teeth hurting when you eat after using your aligners?
  • Do you have sensitivity when you eat after using your aligners?

What to do so your do-it-yourself aligners work for you.

  • Make sure you are wearing your aligners all the time except when eating, flossing, and brushing your teeth. You need to have the aligner in your mouth 22 hours a day.
  • Every time you insert your aligners, push them hard over your teeth. Aligners should no be popping out and there should be no space between the bottom of your teeth a d. The bottom of the aligners. After placing the aligners in the mouth and pushing them in place with your fingers, roll a tissue and bite the tissue from left to right to further engage the aligners over your teeth.
  • Use the aligners in sequence for the duration of days/weeks recommended.
  • If the aligners do not fit well out of the box contact the company to get new aligners or new impressions

  • If the aligners are popping or not fitting well such as a there are spaces between the teeth and aligners you need to contact the company to get new impressions and reset.
  • If the aligners fit well and the teeth are still misaligned you need to check what stage of treatment you are in. Things may be going according to plan and those teeth will get aligned. Be patient.
  • If the aligners fit well and the teeth are still misaligned and you have used all your aligners, contact the company to get new aligners or new impressions. When you receive the new aligners make sure you are diligently following all the points mentioned under the section above.

What to if you are not getting the result you want.


"Short, if any, wait times; fantastic and efficient office support staff; wonderful bedside manner; I've really never had any sort of complaint whatsoever. I've recommended him to four friends, who have each also referred friends."

- Katherine R.

"From the moment I made the appointment I felt taken care of."

- Marc S.
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