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Oral Health: Part I

What does oral health mean for you? 

The mouth can tell us a lot. It is a reflection of our overall health, whether we are sick or healthy.

Our mouths act as both an entry point and defense force against diseases. Many medical conditions manifest themselves in the mouth. Some health conditions can worsen our existing oral health issues.

Good oral heath ensures your ability to eat, speak and interact with the world without worrying about pain, or discomfort or embarrassment.  Good oral health also contributes to your overall physical and mental well-being and therefore shouldn't be overlooked. Its goal is to maintain the health of the mouth and its different structures over the years through healthy practices, prevention, and treatment of disease.

There are 4 different areas that concern the health of the mouth:

A: The teeth
B: The gums and bone supporting the teeth
C: The skin inside the mouth, the tongue and lips
D: The joints and muscles which move the mouth

Some of the disease in each of those areas are:

A: Tooth decay (caries or cavities), malposition of teeth, tooth color problems,
missing teeth, teeth that don't come together properly (malocclusion),...
B: Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), bone loss and pockets of bacteria around
the teeth (periodontitis),...
C: Sores, cuts, burns, biting marks, cancer,...
D: Muscle soreness, jaw clicking, jaw pain on chewing, headaches, shoulder pains,...
Each of these four areas need tender and continuous loving care to prevent disease
and restore health when needed. We will explore these preventive care options to
help you optimize your oral health over the years.
Do you have questions about your oral health? Call us at 1-646-484-0197 in Manhattan, New York City or book an appointment via ZocDoc.

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