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Making a blog post

1) The feature image of a post should be specified in feature image spot on the right of the edit window. Click "Set Featured Image" to choose one:

 Featured Image

2) When adding images to the content of a post:

  • Do not use "Gallery" when adding images to the content of a post
    • insert-media-not-gallery
  • Only use single images and remove links to the image:
    • link_to_none

3) Author should be selected Manually and you can choose any team member. I've added a new section under the post content where you can do this:


4) Use "H2" for subheadings eg. What is oral health. Simply:

  1. select the text you want to set as the header
  2. then use the FORMATTING drop down to set a heading style


5) To Copy and Paste from Word, email or from any other website always use turn on the PASTE AS TEXT feature first! This clears out any odd formatting and allows you to set the formatting yourself according to our style.



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