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Grinding your teeth may lead to the use of a nightguard

While you sleep and rest, your teeth should get some rest too!

I have clients from all walks of life, but I often make the same observation with those in the corporate world: flattened enamel tooth cusps and sore jaws. The stress of their "Big City Jobs" cause them to grind their teeth at night.

I've joked that when one moves into a high power position in NY, the negotiations should include a coupon for a fully covered nightguard at the dentist of their choice.  Or,  it should be part of a Welcome to NY basket given to all new residents at the tollbooth at all the river crossings!

Apparently, New Yorkers (native or otherwise) exhibit more loss of tooth structure during the night than average.

A recent New York Magazine article backs up my observations.

You only get one set of adult teeth.  Gotta make them last any way you can!


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