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Formatting a post

To show all formatting options select "Tool Bar Toggle" while editing the post.

Tool Bar Toggle and Formating options

Now you have access to "Formats"

Some examples to help define and troubleshoot formatting:

h1: Never use h1 header! 🙂

h2: Use this to separate between main sections of content.

h3: Use this for subsection titles

h4: You probably won't use this but we can customize it at a later date if needed.

Blockquote is used to give visual weight to a set of text, usually a pull-quote.

Call to action button: This is a link that has been given the "Book Button" treatment.

  1. Highlight the link
  2. Select "Book Button" format
    Book Button
  3. The link will now take on the style of a button like this:

This is a link

Using MYS colors

You can specify different colors using the format options:

  • White Text: This is white text. Invisible on a white background! (#ffffff)
  • Dark Blue Text (#0C1B3C)
  • Light Blue Text (#0098FF)





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