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Editorial Calendar

Please watch this short video for an introduction to the editorial calendar we are using to keep things in order.

The editorial flow will be as follows:

  1. Articles found or written by staff are handed to Author along with appropriate photos
  2. Author creates and edits articles only in draft status and submits completed drafts to approved draft status for editing and publishing.
    ^ this is currently handled by Diana
    Post Status Switching
  3. Editor edits posts only in approved drafts status and submits any questionable drafts back to draft status for review. Sucessfully edited drafts are scheduleded and made ready for SEO editing.
    ^ this is currently handled by Chelsee
  4. SEO Editor edits any upcoming articles for the current and following week for SEO
    ^ this is currently handled by David
  5. Posts automatically post on their scheduled dates!

Coming soon: Editorial Communication

Soon you will be able to leave notes and send notifications to editors and authors as needed regarding a post. On the right hand bottom of the post edit screen, leave a note an choose a user who needs to be notified.

Communications Window


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