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Easy Prevention of Cavities & Gingivitis

Did you know that for pennies a day, you could extend the life of your teeth and gums? Forget "flashy", or "new and improved".

Think Floss

I have been working as a dental assistant for the past 7 years and while we have a wide range of patients, there's a common thread among many of them. Patients just don't take the time to floss.  This results in many of them having gingivitis and early signs of bone tissue loss.

Did you know?  Half of all American adults over 30 have peridontal disease.

I understand that life is busy and priorities get in the way, but flossing and proper oral hygiene cannot be overlooked. I feel that, as dental professionals, we should encourage and promote flossing more than usual. We need to deliver the seriousness and also the benefits of flossing on a daily basis.

Gingivitis Is Common, but Easily Preventable

Flossing helps prevents two of the most common problems patients face: cavities and bone loss; While brushing alone helps keep the smile bright, skipping the floss can lead to many problems down the road. They start beneath the surface and only get worse over time.

It's hard to get a new step into the dental routine, it adds time to an already busy day. One way patients choose to speed up the process is to use products like floss picks, water picks and air flossers. These products are effective, but in my opinion are not the best choice.

Traditional flossing is the best way to maintain excellent oral hygiene when combined with brushing and mouthwash.

Using traditional floss in the correct way is the best practice to maintain excellent oral hygiene along with brushing and mouthwash. We're always seeing ads for new and improved toothbrushes and toothpastes, but none for floss – why?– because floss is great the way it is, and like the saying goes, "if it ain't broke..."

Just because you don't see billboards or ads on TV for floss doesn't mean it shouldn't be taken seriously. Flossing has been and continues to be an integral part of dental hygiene. Don't wait for floss to have it's day in the limelight, or for gingivitis to set it. Floss today!

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