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You can always add a new Post Op to the Post Op Information list just by adding a new post.
Just remember to select the "Post Op" category.
Once logged in, you can add a new one at anytime by selecting NEW - DENTAL SERVICE from the top menu or by clicking Add New in the backend in the Dental Services section.


Dental Services are organized into Hierarchies.
Choose a Parent for a service under Attributes:

Please watch this short video for an introduction to the editorial calendar we are using to keep things in order.

The editorial flow will be as follows:

  1. Articles found or written by staff are handed to Author along with appropriate photos
  2. Author creates and edits articles only in draft status and submits completed drafts to approved draft status for editing and publishing.
    ^ this is currently handled by Diana
    Post Status Switching
  3. Editor edits posts only in approved drafts status and submits any questionable drafts back to draft status for review. Sucessfully edited drafts are scheduleded and made ready for SEO editing.
    ^ this is currently handled by Chelsee
  4. SEO Editor edits any upcoming articles for the current and following week for SEO
    ^ this is currently handled by David
  5. Posts automatically post on their scheduled dates!

Coming soon: Editorial Communication

Soon you will be able to leave notes and send notifications to editors and authors as needed regarding a post. On the right hand bottom of the post edit screen, leave a note an choose a user who needs to be notified.

Communications Window

To show all formatting options select "Tool Bar Toggle" while editing the post.

Tool Bar Toggle and Formating options

Now you have access to "Formats"

Some examples to help define and troubleshoot formatting:

h1: Never use h1 header! 🙂

h2: Use this to separate between main sections of content.

h3: Use this for subsection titles

h4: You probably won't use this but we can customize it at a later date if needed.

Blockquote is used to give visual weight to a set of text, usually a pull-quote.

Call to action button: This is a link that has been given the "Book Button" treatment.

  1. Highlight the link
  2. Select "Book Button" format
    Book Button
  3. The link will now take on the style of a button like this:

This is a link

Using MYS colors

You can specify different colors using the format options:




1) The feature image of a post should be specified in feature image spot on the right of the edit window. Click "Set Featured Image" to choose one:

 Featured Image

2) When adding images to the content of a post:

3) Author should be selected Manually and you can choose any team member. I've added a new section under the post content where you can do this:


4) Use "H2" for subheadings eg. What is oral health. Simply:

  1. select the text you want to set as the header
  2. then use the FORMATTING drop down to set a heading style


5) To Copy and Paste from Word, email or from any other website always use turn on the PASTE AS TEXT feature first! This clears out any odd formatting and allows you to set the formatting yourself according to our style.


Once logged in, visit the page or post you would like to edit. At the top, click EDIT


Type directly into content areas using the Editor toolbar to apply text formatting and color.


You can also ADD MEDIA to any content box.

In the MEDIA LIBRARY you can choose an existing photo from the database or you can upload a new photo.


Once you've made your selection, you should set the display settings for that photo then click INSERT INTO PAGE (or POST) - Genearlly, you'll want to set it to "None" since clicking images shouldn't really do anything.

Once you're done editing all content areas, don't forget to hit PUBLISH to save your work!


Feel free to PREVIEW first if you wish.

You can opt-out of publishing to any social media account and/or customize your social media message via EDIT DETAILS under Publicize

Power Usage

Sometimes you just need to edit a lot of different posts or pages and you don't want to have to wait too long!

Solution: Use multiple Browser Tabs to muli-task!

From the backend, you can browse all pages or posts. Then to save time between Editing and Saving posts, open multiple pages at once by holding CTRL + Click once on each post you want to edit. I suggest opening up to 4 or 5 at a time, depending what your computer can handle.




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