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Caries Management by Risk Assessment: Part IV: What is your bacterial load?

In previous blogs, we discussed how cavities form when bacteria in our mouths convert carbohydrates from our diet into corrosive acids.

Bacteria + Carbohydrates from diet and snacking = acids which melt the teeth and cause cavities

It makes sense to address the bacteria in our mouths if we want to develop a plan to reduce future cavities. There are numerous acid-producing bacteria in our mouths; some contribute more than others.

There are two steps to deal with them:

1: Test how many of the key acid-producing bacteria are present in our mouth (bacterial load)

2: Reduce those bacteria using prescription strength antibacterial mouth wash

As you can see in the picture attached to this blog the bacterial test reveals the bacterial load.  We use that to decide if you should use the anti-bacterial mouth wash.

Who gets the test: in general the test is recommended anytime we find a high number of cavities within a 3 years period.

At Making You Smile NYC, everyone gets a Caries Risk Assessment to evaluate the risk of future cavities.  If your Caries Risk Assessment is high then a bacterial test is recommend. Anti-bacterial mouth wash is then recommended to reduce the high bacterial load and help fight future cavities.




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