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Caries Management by Risk Assessment: Part I

What is Risk Assessment in Oral Health?

"An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin

Risk assessments evaluate the possibility of developing certain diseases in the future.  By assessing these risks, we have the opportunity to take steps to reduce, mitigate, and even possible eliminate the disease from occurring.

Cavities (aka caries, tooth decay) are the most common disease to affect our teeth.

CAMBRA is Caries Management By Risk Assessment. A major shift in dental practice occurred nearly 10 years ago, when a study was released that showed that caries could be prevented and managed through risk assessment. This concept of preventing future caries based on the particular patient risk is now the standard of care adopted by the American Dental Association (ADA).

Similarly to how your physician assesses your risk for future heart disease, CAMBRA helps asses your risk level for future caries. You doctor might measure your blood pressure, test your cholesterol, take note of your family history, and ask you about life style habits (example: smoking, diet, exercise routine, etc.).  CAMBRA assesses your risk level based on your current dental condition and manages your risk to prevent caries disease in the future by designing a program that fits your risk level.

Essentially we want to shift the balance from“Caries making factors” to “Caries neutral and Caries preventing factors”. At Making You Smile, we want to partner with you to "change the future" of your teeth with CAMBRA.



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