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Aesthetic Gum Enhancement

There are many reasons why a person might consider having gum contouring, or gum enhancement surgery. If you are unhappy with your gum-to-tooth ratio and feel that your teeth look too long or too short, or that your gums are uneven you could be a good candidate for gum reshaping or contouring at our cosmetic dental office.

Making You Smile Gum Reshaping making you smile new york city dentistWhat Causes Gums To Recede?

Besides just for aesthetics you might be considering gum contouring to deal with gum recession issues. Gum recession poses considerable long-term challenges to maintaining the health of a tooth, making the tooth longer and causing it to be susceptible both to cavities and sensitivity. The root of the tooth isn’t protected by enamel in the same way as the crown, so once it’s exposed by gum recession it causes sensitivity and is more prone to decay.

Some Common Causes For Receding Gums Include:

  • Harsh tooth brushing
  • Weak and thin gums
  • Ill-fitting fillings and crowns

A US study found that “38% of people aged 30-39 had some degree of the condition, compared with 71% in the 50-59 age group, and 90% for those aged between 80-90. However, that doesn’t mean aging in itself is the cause. It’s a long process that can start in your teens, and one that can be triggered by various factors.”

Making You Smile Gum Reshaping making you smile dentist in new york cityHow Does Aesthetic Gum Enhancement Work?

Aesthetic gum enhancement or gum contouring helps restore the aesthetics and health of the tooth by:

  • Covering the exposed root of the tooth thus making it look healthier and normal in length
  • Evening out the gumline for a more balanced looking smile
  • Reducing sensitivity

Gum enhancement surgery involves a combination of lasers, scalpels, and radiosurgery to reshape the gum line either removing excess skin tissue or altering the existing gum line so that it is pulled down to cover more of the tooth's surface. The recovery time for gum contouring surgery is generally anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. During this time it is recommended to stick to soft foods, avoid spicy foods, take pain relievers as directed by your dentist, and follow their specific brushing instructions for your teeth so that everything will heal quickly and correctly.

Contact A Gum Enhancement Specialist Near You

If you live in the New York area and you aren't pleased with the shape of your gums, or if you are dealing with sensitivity issues due to gum recession please contact our office. We would be happy to schedule you a consultation to see what can be done to give you the gums and smile you've always wanted.

Not only are we able to do gum contouring at Making You Smile we also offer dental contouring services. These teeth reshaping options come at an affordable cost and can drastically alter the shape of your teeth.



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