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Aesthetic Gum Enhancement

Gum recession poses considerable long term challenges to maintaining the health of a tooth, making the tooth longer and causing it to be susceptible both to cavities and sensitivity.

Some of the causes of receding gums are:

  • Harsh tooth brushing
  • Weak and thin gums
  • Ill fitting fillings and crowns

A US study found that “38% of people aged 30-39 had some degree of the condition, compared with 71% in the 50-59 age group, and 90% for those aged between 80-90. However that doesn’t mean ageing in itself is the cause. It’s a long process that can start in your teens, and one that can be triggered by various factors.”

Aesthetic gum enhancement helps restore the aesthetics and health of the tooth by:

  • Covering the exposed root of the tooth thus making it look healthier and normal in length
  • Reducing sensitivity


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A recent  article on BBC explains why “the condition is worth taking seriously and not just for cosmetic reasons. The root of the tooth isn’t protected by enamel in the same way as the crown, so once it’s exposed it causes sensitivity and is more prone to decay. Treatments range from dealing with any tooth decay present, to crowns and even surgery, whereby tissue from another part of gum or the roof of the mouth is grafted onto the problem area.” You can read the article here.


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