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Single implant: How long does it take to get a single tooth implant?

How does does a single tooth implant procedure take?

It depends on few variables. The most common variable is when you start counting; do you still have the tooth that is going to be replaced or the tooth is already gone?

Let’s consider few scenarios:

  1. If your tooth was extracted more than 2 months ago:

This scenario is the fastest way to get a tooth on an implant. It is possible to place the implant and make the crown in 8-9 weeks. However this assumes that you have enough bone and good quality gums to get going immediately.  In this scenario, the implant can be placed and about 6 weeks later and impression could be made and the crown delivered to you about 2-3 weeks later. That’s it, 8-9 weeks start to finish.

What if I need bone or gum grafting? In this case, healing time and sequencing may add anywhere from one month to several months until the final crown. It depends on how much, where, and what needs to be rebuilt.

  1. If you still have the tooth:

If the tooth that needs to be replaced is still in your mouth then the time frame is longer.  It is necessary to remove the tooth and place bone graft to preserve and prepare the gums and bone to receive an implant which will last decades. Usually this adds 4-6 months of healing time. After that healing time, you pick up the time frame as discussed above.  Total treatment time is 6-8 months.

Note: Sometimes it is possible to extract the tooth and place the bone graft and implant at the same time. This would save few months of healing. However, if we want to aim for the most predictable and best outcomes for the long term, the optimal conditions for this option are rarely present (about 10% of the cases).

Next Steps:

A one-on-one discussion with your dentist is the best way to iron out the details and gain a complete understanding.  Please contact us for a consultation and we will provide you with the details for an informed decision based on you actual condition.

At Making You Smile we are committed to providing you with transparent, complete and comprehensive options and time frames before starting any treatment. Call us at 646 484 0197 for a consultation.


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