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Cavities: Low Risk – Gum Disease: High Risk – Customized Oral Health Program

Cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease are painful, costly and harmful to your overall health. Luckily, these diseases are largely preventable by simple procedures that are quick and easy to do. Based on your risk profile above, which we diagnosed during your office visit, we recommend for you the following customized oral health preventive program.

Regular care at the office

  • Dental cleaning by your hygienist every 3 months
  • Application of fluoride varnish at every dental cleaning
  • Check-ups by Dr. Jalbout every other dental cleaning
  • 4 cavity checks radiographs every year

Regular care at home

  • First: Floss using a “C” wrap to wipe the sides of the teeth
  • Then: Brush: light pressure and vibration at 45 degree angle
    • Modify the technique for recession areas: swipe from gums to teeth
  • Fluoride Mouth Wash over the counter everyday
  • Other tools if any, as recommended by your hygienist at your last dental cleaning visit such as:
    • Rubber tip stimulators
    • Proxabrush
    • Soft Piks
    • Antibacterial application Peroxyl

Check out our: “Home Oral Care Instructions Flossing Brushing Mouthwash and More” for details on how to follow these recommendations best!