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Tooth Whitening Frequently Asked Questions

How many office appointments will it take to get the whitening process going?

The whitening process will take two appointments.

The first appointment will take 30 minutes to make the molds (impressions) of your teeth. After you leave we will create the models of your teeth and fabricate custom flexible trays.

A few days later you will need to come in for just 15 minutes to get the 2 custom trays and 8 whitening syringes containing the whitening material.

Custom whitening trays of your upper and lower teeth
Custom whitening trays of your upper and lower teeth
Whitening materials
Whitening materials

How do I apply the whitening material and how much do I use?

Squeeze a small drop of whitening material from the syringe into the front aspect of the custom trays that have been created for you. You will then place the trays over your teeth.

Only .25 or 1 quarter of 1 syringe is needed per arch. In other words, 1 syringe should last at least 2 days of applications.

How long should I wear the trays filled with the whitening material?

You should wear the trays 30 minutes each day for 14 days or until you get the results you want +3 extra days. The 3 extra days are to compensate for the slight relapse that will occur after completing the whitening process.

What can I expect during the process?

Tooth sensitivity may occur during the bleaching process. If this becomes unbearable you may skip one or 2 days of application. This sensitivity is temporary. If you use a lot of material some of it may seep out and create a white spot on your gum. Do not get alarmed; this will disappear in few days. You only need to place a small amount of whitening materials. More material is not going to get the teeth whiter faster; more days of application will get the teeth whiter.

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