Dental nightguard stop permanent damage from teeth grinding at night.

Dental Examination


Are your teeth bothering you? Do you need a dental procedure estimate?

We Have the Answer: The Comprehensive Dental Exam 

This is the most thorough dental examination you will have. We leave nothing to chance.

You will receive $400 worth of dental care for just

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Our Dental Exam IS Comprehensive – 1 Hour 40 Minutes

We spend 1 hour 40 minutes examining and explaining everything you want to know about your teeth & oral health.

  • 50 minutes is spent with the doctor
  • 50 minutes with the hygienist

No Hidden Surprises

Avoid advertisements that suggest “may include x-rays at additional cost“. If  you have not been to a dentists in a while we need a complete set of x-rays to get the full picture of the teeth, roots, and jawbone supporting them.

  • Full mouth series of x-rays  (22+)
  • Full mouth series of diagnostic pictures – you can view them too

Save Money

Reduce your future need for expensive dental treatments while keeping your natural teeth healthy.

  • Cavity (caries) risk assessment to help you avoid the drill
  • Gums risk assessment to prevent disease and loss of teeth
  • We provide practical oral hygiene instructions based on your assessment

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Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection provides better treatment outcomes.

  • Oral cancer screening including head & neck examination
  • Dentists are often the first to detect oral cancer
Oral Cancer Awareness Month
Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Dental Cleaning

Brighten & whiten your teeth for a healthy smile while protecting them from potential gum disease & cavities.

  • Remove  unsighlty stains from your teeth – coffee, tea, wine or tobacco stains
  • Remove plaque from hard to reach areas
  • Protect teeth with fluoride treatments

Additional Treatments

Should we identify that you have the need for additional dental treatments:

  • We offer same day dental treatment plans and cost estimates for minor dental treatments that were found during your dental exam.
  • In new cases where we discover the need for a major dental procedure we may suggest another appointment at no charge.

Save $225 on the Comprehensive Dental Exam.

When you complete our comprehensive dental exam, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing the exact condition of your teeth. Plus, you will have a practical plan to keep your teeth 100% healthy.

Regular price $400 – now reduced to $175!

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